Tuesday, February 5, 2019

In six days

For three weeks every year, my kids are all "two years apart".  I can respond to the how old are your kids?  question with an even response; and these past three weeks it has been "1, 3, 5, 7, and 9".  The birthday that changes things up occurs in 7 days and the honor is given to Sonzee.  In one week my "toddler" becomes a "preschooler", by age and in theory, but not in our reality.  So this birthday is one I meet with an "inner conflict" for lack of a better term.

Four years old.  Another birthday we are beyond grateful for her to celebrate.  Another birthday we are beyond torn on what she would want to have happen.  Four is that first year where kids are excited about a theme and make specific requests.  Maybe it would be Elsa/Anna, Minnie, or My little pony?  I find the task of determining what she really wants to be daunting, overwhelming, and quite honestly suffocating.  It is another birthday we cannot offer her even a taste of cake or she will suffer.  It is another birthday she does not get to celebrate like a "typical Sonzee" would.  Her gifts are all needs based because honestly how many light up/musical switch adapted toys can one girl have that end up sitting on the shelf?!

In six days I will decorate her door with streamers and wake her up by singing "Happy Birthday".  The "new and improved Sonzee" will smirk ear to ear with all of the doting and attention.  She will give us her adorable crooked smiles and hopefully have a day filled with more time awake than spent seizing.  She will hopefully know the day is a day we are honoring her and when her port needle is removed Tuesday we will have a family pool party in her honor in her swim spa after school.  In 6 days it will be February 11, and while 4 years ago on that day I had no idea we would have embarked on this journey, it will be another February 11 that I will be thankful we are getting to spend with her here.

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