Thursday, December 20, 2018


When we first came to the hospital at the beginning of December I was excited and a little surprised when they said the kids could still visit the room.  The past two weeks we have been enjoying the ability to have the kids see Sonzee whenever they pleased, for me to see the kids nearly daily, and for us to all have dinner together on occasion.  After a walk downstairs on Tuesday one of the main greeters told me she had bad news and she wanted me to know because she knows the kids come every day and she didn't want us to be surprised on Thursday.  

Visitor restrictions went into effect yesterday at 8pm.  For those unfamiliar with that term it means no children under the age of 12, including siblings can visit inpatient rooms, nor can they be in the main floor lobby (unless they themselves have an appointment).  What it means to many families in a similar situation is that the already challenging balance of making sure you were doing your best to keep the "family unit" a thing is now nearly impossible because you have to go outside to the round-a-bout to see your other children and they now cannot see their sister.  It is a safeguard and in all honesty I appreciate the limitation of exposure of all the illnesses floating around all of Phoenix, however, it does make an already difficult situation more depressing.

I was able to attend my older children's honor roll breakfast, spend the day with Sonzee's little brother today, and surprise the kids at school pickup.  Sam and I did our visitor restriction routine, and exchanged pleasantries and a quick hug in the round-a-bout knowing Sonzee was left unattended during that brief period.  We are used to this game, and honestly I think we have perfected our system, but gosh it really adds an extra dose of emotions.  Hoping we don't have to stay too much longer and can manage to stay out until restrictions are lifted in April/May.

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