Monday, June 25, 2018


Last Thursday we boarded the plane for summer 2018 in New York.  This is our family's 3rd consecutive year and 4th year in general that we we will be spending the summer in the Catskills.  Every year when the summer ends I eagerly await its return, because there is just something about this place.  A change from the hustle and bustle of our typical, crazy, everyday life.  The mountain air, gorgeous scenery, and lack of doctors offices and hospitals gives me enough fuel to keep me going through the rest of the year.  Then when summer rolls around, we gamble that Sonzee will behave and we won't have to visit any doctors or hospitals. For the most part we have been lucky, and even though inevitably our luck will run out soon, the trade off will always be worth it.

We have been here 3 days and I already feel like time is going by way too quickly.  My list of "To-Do's" and prospective achievements for Sonzee are lengthy, and as usual despite the lack of scheduled activities, it does not appear that any of it will be completed.  No matter that we changed scenery, my brain never leaves the chaos and world of CDKL5.  There are medical letters of necessity that need to be written, prescriptions that need to be filled, questionnaires and studies that need to be started and finished.  We just can't seem to escape what comes with the life of CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder.  Yet, the thing about being in the mountains, during the summer, with the entire family is that all of my long lists of To-Do's tend to get pushed off, and I am partially okay with that.

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