Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Not Today.

Sometimes life just sucks.  There are times when it's not humanly possible to actually be fine with how things are going.  So many times I say, "things happen for a reason", "G-d only gives you what you can handle", and other motivational phrases that I don't always believe in or agree with.  Maybe if I say them enough when things are status quo, I might do better when things really suck?!  I'm guessing I didn't rehearse them very well because today, there is no reason I find justifiable for everything going on in my life and I really find G-d testing my abilities in my trusting of his faith in me. It's all a load of BS.

This week sucks.

If I have a good honest pity party right now I can look back on the past year and a half and also say confidently...things have sucked.  I really do try to find the good in all of this tangled up mess I have found myself in, but I don't want to today.  I want to just scream, shout, and cry.  I don't want wine, I don't want food, I just want to walk around with tears streaming down my face and no makeup on. I want to just be angry.  Maybe then I can sort out my feelings?!?

I don't want to look at any bright sides or be told things will work themselves daughter has a rare genetic mutation with a cure no where in sight...NO IT WONT EVER BE ALL RIGHT!!!  I will get over my funk, once I am no longer seething over the fact that we have been home from the hospital for less than 10 hours and her tube is out of her nose...AGAIN.  Maybe I will do better when she no longer has to rely on her intestines to process food because her stomach is incapable of doing the job it was designed to do.  Maybe things will settle down when my 20 month old is capable of sitting, something a 6 month old does without much effort.  Maybe if I ever heard what her voice sounded like saying "Ema", "Aba", or one of her siblings names, then maybe I would have some faith that things might be ok.

I get it, this is what is in the cards for our family.  I know, I know, "I am strong and capable of dealing with it".  I get it, "I am so inspiring", and "if any family could handle it, it would be us"...yes, I hear all the motivational speeches and sometimes I even believe it, but you know is NOT The day.

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