Tuesday, December 19, 2023

202 weeks and 1 day

Dear Sonzee, 

It has been 5 Mondays and 1 day since my last letter to you. It has been 202 weeks and 1 day since you were last on this earth. I feel like in the last 14 weeks so much of my coping with grief has changed maybe that is why there have been fewer letters? If I am honest, that isn't entirely true, it also has to do with me working full time and your siblings' extracurricular schedules. There remains not enough time in the day. I still wonder how I managed everyone and you. I mean I know it was in huge thanks to Nurse Paige. We never would have been able to do anything of what we did without her. I miss her a lot too.

Over the last 5 weeks and 1 day I have been immersed in work and activities which has allowed me to compartmentalize my grief. In a week we will be on our first actual family vacation that doesn't involve hockey or gymnastics, so I am hoping and planning to continue pushing off the wallowing and self-pity until our return. Then the next 6ish weeks will be left to being extra depressed over all the dates of yours to come. 

This year you planned a whopper of having your yahrtzeit fall on Laeya's 14th English birthday and my 40th Hebrew birthday. I give you a standing ovation for that talent. You always knew how to blend the positive and negative and merge happy and sad together. Well done little bear. In 13 days we will start another year without you. They have all been horrible, but this year to come will eventually turn the clock to your death being longer than your life. I am not ready for that. So I will sip my wine, swallow my tears, and smack back on my happy face until I am sort of ready to deal with that thought because I like avoidance far better.

In other news, Aba got a new car this week! He is very excited. I wanted it to be red for you, but we went with a pretty blue. I am going to get your name on the license plate, so this way you will have a place in the car. Maybe SONZBR or SNZBEAR? I have to think about it. Anyway little bear. I miss you so much. I still wish you would come and visit me. 202 weeks and 1 day is long enough already! Come see me in my dreams!

Love you!

Until next time. 

Love always, 

The Mighty Contributor

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