Wednesday, March 15, 2023

162 weeks and 2 days

Dear Sonzee, 

The last time I was able to sit down and write to you was 10 days ago. I swear the days go by quicker every day or the days are just getting shorter. Being that we are getting closer to Spring, I am going to go with the time is just moving at the speed of light. 

Last week I got a text from a co-worker who does early intervention, it was a picture of your street sign!

I then decided to drive down Bethany Home Road to get the other sign and also try and grab another view of this one. 

I need to schedule another cleanup for the end of March or early April. 

I finished my 4th week of the resilient parenting program that is paired with ASU and Hospice of the Valley. I am working on doing 1:1 times with each of your siblings, we have a family game night once a week, and I have to do mindful breathing, and comfort activities for myself. The idea is to set the foundation to be able to not only work on my coping with grief but so that the kids can work on theirs. So far week 2 of the 1:1 times has been successful. We have done family game night 2 weeks in a row and that has been great as well. Your siblings are enjoying all the above. (Or appear to be at least). I have to also "catch them doing good" and comment on those things as well. This week's new addition is active listening. I am really hoping this class changes the dynamic at home, and so far it appears to be doing so. 

Aba moved his stuff out of the warehouse so he could rent his space to another company, meaning so much stuff was brought to the house. I reorganized the garage and we now have a perfect shoe location so the shoes don't enter the house! Jackpot! In addition, I finally put up the purell holders, it makes me smile thinking of you!

This week is my spring break (not your siblings). I have spent 2 days with Meena because she has been sick, but I have gotten a lot of things accomplished at home thankfully despite that. I have sent off a lot of clothing to be made into blankets. I finally even sent off my college shirts! I am doing Tzvi's first hockey jerseys from the last few years of travel and Laeya's baby clothing. I sent your items off last week. I am very excited to finally be getting these made! They are all long overdue. 

Laeya finally got the cast on her wrist! It will be 3 weeks in this and then a removable cast. All in all, it will be close to 8 weeks or so of some form of splint/cast when she is done with this endeavor. She went big this time!

Tzvi has his state finals this weekend in Gilbert. Please stop by if your schedule allows it! We are hoping to cause an upset and win first, we shall see how it goes!

Love you, baby girl!

Until next time.

Love always, 


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