Monday, October 7, 2019

We all have...

Over the past few months, I have been fortunate to get closer to various women and have some rather intimate conversations.  They aren't just about Sonzee, they aren't only about special needs children, the subject matter varies depending on the person, and there is always discussion regarding a personal struggle.  I didn't need these conversations to know that everyone struggles in their own way, but they are always an incredible reminder of all the struggles that every single person has to deal with.  That part is double-edged because there shouldn't be such intense struggling for people to have to endure, but it is good for us all to keep in mind we all have to deal with less than ideal situations all the time.

So often I am told that I am so strong for dealing with what I have to, but I wonder how many of those people who say that to me realize they are the same strong for dealing with what they might not have even shared with me.  No one can begin to understand the exact struggle of another person because it isn't theirs to own.  It isn't one they have to understand inside and out.  It isn't one they wish upon anyone else.  It isn't one they even know how they are going to handle themselves.  But since IT was the struggle they were given, they will HAVE no other choice but to be strong and tackle it day in and day out.

To quote one of these amazing ladies, because it sums it up perfectly, "we all have our Sonzee's".

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