Friday, December 11, 2015

10 Months

Today Sonzee turns 10 months old.  It is a bag of mixed emotions that really began last month and I fear will only continue.  When I tell people she is 10 months old, the typical reply is "Oh my gosh, I can't believe how big she has gotten", I can totally agree with this statement.  Ironically she is behind compared to her same aged peers, but show me a child of mine who isn't.

Today our baby girl turns 10 months old.  The goody bag of emotions that she has brought to our family has a lot of positives.  When she smiles, it is one that brightens the room and makes you smile right back.  She has given me that purpose I have been searching for, because I absolutely love to write and she has given me the chance.  She has taught us about strength and perseverance.  The amount of work she does to simply hold her head up is admirable to say the least.

She continues to teach me patience in every sense of the word.  That continues to be a daily challenge for me, but I thank her nonetheless.  She has made our family stronger and has brought smiles and love to everyone.

While I do not have a long list of all her physical and developmental accomplishments to list, she continues to flourish in different ways and that should not be overlooked.  Instead of looking at what she can't do on her 10 month birthday, I am going to focus my energy today on all that she can.  She can roll, she can hold her head up, she can sit supported, she can hold an object for 2-3 seconds, her eye contact has improved tremendously and she can fixate her eyes for close to 20 seconds.  She loves to be fed food, and loves pureed asparagas as well as spinach and cheddar puffs.  She can drink from a bottle and loves to snuggle.

Happy 10 months Sonzee Bear!!

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