Epilepsy Awareness Series

The goal of Sonya's Story is to bring awareness to CDKL5 and Epilepsy.  For me, this blog provides a platform to share my personal experience while giving others a glimpse into the world of a child impacted by seizures as well as developmental delays.  

Epilepsy does not descriminate.  Many people suffer from various forms of seizures.  I would like for others to have the opportunity to share their battles, struggles, triumphs, and overall experiences living with epilepsy.  Whether you or someone you love experience seizures from a trauma, genetic mutation, or your cause remains unknown, please share your journey.

If you’re interested in submitting a guest blog post for the “Epilepsy Awareness” series, please send an email to info@sonyasstory.com.

To submit your story:
  • Write a piece of content any length, but aim for between 300 and 800 words 
  • Include a short bio.
  • Include a few photos as attachments
  • Send over links to your blog and/or social media links, and feel free to link up in your guest post to any of your past blog posts that add to your story.

I can’t wait to hear about the impact epilepsy has on your or your loved ones life.

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